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Puppy Pre-School

4 week course
Thursday evenings at 7pm 
at Bilgola Vet Clinic

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Puppies are incredibly impressionable during the first few months of their lives.
In fact, they have a proven critical learning phase, also known as their imprinting period, which generally lasts from birth until about 16 weeks of age.

It is imperative to expose your puppy to everything life has to offer during this time in order to build a confident, well-rounded, adult dog. 

Our Puppy Training Services are designed to perfect the art of raising a dog under 16 weeks of age, to avoid difficult problems later in life.

Do it right from the beginning, do it right for life!

Learn all about the most important phase of you puppies life in our 4 week puppy school program.

  • How to correctly socialise your puppy

  • Independence building

  • Preventing problem behaviours (separation anxiety, resource guarding)

  • Begin teaching basic behaviours (sit, drop, stay, come)

  • Engaging your dog in play

  • Enrichment and outlets

Puppies must be younger than 12 weeks of age and have had at least one puppy vaccination to attend.


For bookings and class information, please contact Talia directly on her website on

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