Puppy Pre-School

Wednesday nights 7-8pm

4 week course

Held in Reception at Bilgola Vet Clinic
with dog trainers from
Amy's Puppy PreSchool

Puppies are incredibly impressionable during the first few months of their lives.
In fact, they have a proven critical learning phase, also known as their imprinting period, which generally lasts from birth until about 16 weeks of age (give or take a few weeks depending on the breed).

It is imperative to expose your puppy to everything life has to offer during this time in order to build a confident, happy-go-lucky, well-rounded, adult dog.
Puppy training classes will set you up early with the right tools and tips on how to do this successfully.

Our puppy classes provide a happy and safe environment in which your puppy will have fun, learn and have great experiences with humans and other dogs, all of which are vital at this time.
They will learn: Sit, Come when called, Stay, Lie Down, Walk on a loose lead, Leave things alone, relax, and much more. We also cover common problem issues like: jumping, nipping and biting, barking, chewing and toilet training.

Key topics we also discuss include:

-Socialisation: The difference between 'good' and 'bad' socialisation.
-How to safely introduce your puppy to other dogs;
-Independence exercises to help them cope with being on their own.
-Your Puppy's body language and what he is trying to tell you;
-How your dog thinks and learns
-Health and Feeding
-How to play with and increase your bond with your dog. 


To book into Puppy School please contact Amy on 0410 485 175 or email on amyking@bigpond.com