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Bilgola Vet Clinic is equipped with a top of the range im3 elite dental machine. This machine is regarded as the best in the industry. It is used to scale and polish the build up of calculus on the tooth and under the gums. 


We also have a state of the art Dental X-Ray machine with digital imaging to diagnose any unseen periodontal abnormalities such as tooth fractures or tooth root abscesses. 


Did you know that 70% of pets over 3 years of age have periodontal disease?

Periodontal or gum disease is caused by plaque and calculus build up on your pets teeth. Plaque forms through food and bacteria in the mouth and forms in under 24 hours. The plaque combines with saliva and mineralises which forms calculus which forms in 48 hours. The calculus builds up over time and travels under the gums which causes gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). The gum becomes infected and causes gum recession and loosening of the tooth. It also will begin to recede the alvelor bone which is the jaw bone. Eventually it will cause the tooth root to die and the tooth will fall out.

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