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In-house Pathology Lab

Bilgola Vet Clinic offers in-house Pathology services, including wellness & comprehensive health profiles, pre-anaesthetic screenings, and specific blood tests to screen for various common diseases, including renal disease, canine lipase, pancreatitis and measurement of the thyroid hormone. 


We have a highly sophisticated Idexx blood machine that allow us to perform biochemisty and haemotology tests during your consult.
This means you will receive the blood results in minutes rather than days!

We are able to graph patient results over time to monitor change or detect disease early. 

We are then able to begin treatments sooner and with more precision to ensure your pet receives the best quality care. 

The importance of Pre-Anaesthetic Bloods

Prior to a procedure at Bilgola Vet, we recommend that a pre-anaesthetic blood test is performed on your animal.

But what does this mean and why is it important?


Blood work is an internal exam of your pets health and checks organ function, red blood cells, white blood cell count and platelet parameters to help us identify any unknown diseases or health risks before we administer any sedation or anaesthesia.
If the pre-anaesthetic testing results are normal, we can proceed with confidence. If not, we can alter the anaesthetic procedure or take other precautions to safeguard your pets health.  
It also gives us a baseline for any future health issues your pet may encounter. 

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