Imaging Facilities at Bilgola Vet

Bilgola Vet Clinic is equipped with an extensive range of diagnostic tools and equipment. With access to digital X-ray, ultrasound and endoscopy on site we are able to investigate complex conditions to find a diagnosis and begin treatment for your pet. 

Digital X-rays

Our imaging equipment and software allows our vet to take radiographs and view images in high resolution within minutes. 
This quick and easy process allows us to take multiple views with minimal stress to your pet. 
These high quality images are saved on our computers and can be shared with radiography specialists if needed. 






Our Ultrasound machine is used to scan the abdominal and thoracic regions as well as heart function. 
This tool is used to diagnose diseases and scan for abnormalities within organs. 

All our vets are qualified to perform ultrasounds. 

Ultrasonography specialist Dr. Anna Dengate can also perform ultrasounds at Bilgola Vet Clinic if requested.