Imaging Facilities at Bilgola Vet

Bilgola Vet Clinic is equipped with an extensive range of diagnostic tools and equipment. With access to digital X-ray, ultrasound and endoscopy on site we are able to investigate complex conditions to find a diagnosis and begin treatment for your pet. 

Digital Radiographs

Our vet clinic is equipped with a fast processing digital x-ray. This allows our vets to visualise soft tissue, bone and deep structures of the body. This non invasive technology allows us to assess how your pet is functioning, leading to an earlier diagnosis and ultimately faster treatment. 

These high quality images are permanently stored and can easily be forwarded to specialist radiologists in more complex cases.





Dental Radiographs

In addition to our digital x-ray, we also possess state of the art dental x-ray equipment. This technology is crucial in finding pathology we would otherwise miss in a normal oral examination. 

We are also able to detect diseases such as:
Tooth fractures
Tooth root abscesses
Feline resorptive lesions
Jaw fractures