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The eyes are one of the most delicate but important organs of the body. If you notice any abnormalities with your pet’s eyes, it is always safest to get them checked sooner rather than later! Serious emergencies including ulcers, foreign material stuck in the eye and glaucoma (high pressure within the eye) require rapid diagnosis and treatment.

Our experienced veterinary team have the training and equipment to help manage many eye conditions. Our vets will perform a range of testing including tonometry (checking the eye pressure), fluorescein staining (to detect ulcers or scratches) and Schirmer tear test (to ensure adequate tear production).  When appropriate, we may recommend referral to a specialist veterinary ophthalmologist.

We recommend bringing your pet in for an appointment if you are concerned, or notice any of the following:

  • Squinting or holding an eye closed

  • Increased discharge from the eye

  • Red or bloodshot eye

  • Blue or cloudiness to the eye

  • Swellings around the eye

intra ocular pressure.jpg

Tonometer being used on a patient to check the intra ocular pressure

enid eye.jpg

Fluorescein dye in patient's eye revealing a corneal ulcer

cherry eye.jpg

Patient with 'Cherry Eye' in left eye

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