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Ear Abnormalities

Ear infections are a common condition which can cause great discomfort to your pet. Ear infections will be diagnosed by an examination of the ear canal and a small sample taken. Your vet will examine the sample under the microscope to determine the extent of infection and which bugs are present. This allows us to prescribe the most appropriate medication for your pets specific infection.

We appreciate dosing daily ear drops for your pet can be difficult! We can discuss alternative options we have available if your pet is distressed by ear medication.

The warning signs to monitor for include:

  • Increased head shaking

  • Redness to the ear or hot to touch

  • Foul smell coming from the ear or head

  • Increased discharge or wax in the ear canal

Ear infections are often due to an underlying skin disease, including allergies. Your vet may discuss additional treatment to control itchy, inflamed skin to help combat the infection.

Prevention can include regular ear cleaning, avoiding swimming and keeping the ears hair free.

ear exam.jpg

Dr Danny performing an aural exam on his patient

ear yeast 2.jpg

Yeast colonies from ear swab under the microscope

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