Feline Annual Health Checks and Vaccinations

What do we vaccinate against and why?

Feline Panleukopenia

A highly contagious and life threatening disease of cats worldwide caused by feline parvovirus. The virus is shed in high levels through the faeces. It is a very resistant to disinfectant and can stay in the envirornment for up to a year. Kittens between the age of 2-6 months are at the highest risk of severe symptoms. Symptoms include vomiting, bloody diarrhoea, weight loss, fever, loss of appetite, dehydration and even death.

Feline Respiratory Disease “Cat Flu”- there are two main viral components to this disease:

i) Feline Herpes Virus  
This is contracted through direct contact, inhalation of sneeze droplets, sharing of bowls/bedding/litter trays or transmitted from the lactating queen to her kittens. Cats will develop flu-like symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, fever, depression, anorexia, conjunctivitis or nasal and ocular discharge. Cats who have been previously infected will become carriers of the disease and the symptoms can flare up from time to time during periods of stress.
ii) Feline Calicivirus is the second viral component of cat flu. It can be contracted the same way as Feline herpes virus but it is more resistant to disinfectant and can remain in the environment for long periods of time. Cats who have been previously infected can also become carriers of the disease.Symptoms for this disease are the similar to Feline herpes virus however cats can also develop ulcers in the mouth.  

Vaccination Schedule for Kittens and Cats

To protect your cat from these diseases, we recommend 3 kitten vaccinations

followed by yearly booster vaccination for adult cats for life. 

1st Kitten Vaccine
Given 6-8 weeks old

This vaccination which covers the above dieases is known as F3. 
This vaccination will have usually been done prior to adopting you kitten.


2nd Kitten Vaccine
Given 10-12 weeks old

This F3 vaccination should take place one month after the first vaccination. 


3rd Kitten Vaccine
Given 14-16 weeks old

This F3 vaccination is the last kitten vaccination and should be given one month
after the second vaccination. 

Adult Feline Vaccinations

From 18 months of age, we recommend a yearly F3 vaccination for life to protect your cat from the above diseases.